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Photovoltaic Farms in Harmony with the Sun



HSEH Poland Limited has been established by the co-founders of irish renewable energy company, Harmony Solar which has been active in the renewable energy sector since 2016. The company’s management team has a strong track record in the renewable energy sector, especially solar energy and also large infrastructure projects which brings together the necessary expertise to deliver large ground-mounted solar portfolio.

Work process

Poland’s team have an array of experience in solar energy and development. We have a strong financial background and have a strong track record in delivering completed projects.

We believe in building long term relationships and our key to this is delivering exactly what we commit to from the beginning of the process for all parties involved.

HSEH Poland Limited has extensive experience in Europe, Ireland and the UK. We have engaged top tier professionals in Poland including DWF Legal, Grant Thornton and ILF Engineering Consultants to best place the projects during the development cycle through to energisation.
1. Strategic objective
HSEH Poland’s strategic objective is to select desirable lands for solar development in order to develop competitive projects.
2. Energy and Climate Contribution
Through the securing of surface rights, project consents and securing grid access for the development of Solar Farm installations using Photovoltaic Technology (PV) we are aiming to significantly contribute to Poland’s 2030 energy and climate targets, transforming the Poland’s energy landsacpe.
3. Diversification
The projects allow the landowners to diversify their income and contribute to the reduction in carbon emissions by facilitating renewable energy projects on their lands.
4. Top tier professionals
A team of qualified engineers with extensive experience and competences in the field of analysis and design of photovoltaic farms, works on a comprehensive approach to deliver the project in a timely and effective manner.

BENEFITS derived from SOLAR farms

Solar farms are a tried and tested form of Renewable Energy which can be deployed relatively easily on suitable lands. The solar farms may be any shape or size. With a proven track record in Europe and Internationally, solar farms provide a landowner with a secure, stable and predictable long term index linked income for up to 30 years.
HSEH Poland enters into a 30 year lease with landowners. It further commits to paying a competitive, quarterly market rent per hectare, index linked.
The long term lease is considered a secure income earning asset and can be used by the landowner as security for a financing facility the landowner wishes to enter into. The lease becomes an even more attractive financial instrument upon energisation.
HSEH Poland understands the needs and requirements of landowners in transferring the lands to the next generation. HSEH Poland commits to being as helpful as possible while dealing with any transfer to another party. A solar farm can improve financial planning for the future and the secure income also gives the farm owner security for the future.
HSEH Poland provides the landowner the opportunity to earn a competitive market rent per hectare, with relatively little input and provides a landowner with a secure income for retirement.

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